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We have built our reputation over the past 20 years in providing most significant workplaces with training materials to meet compliance needs in the areas of health and safety and environmental training. But that is only part of what we do. Both we and our client companies recognize the need for and the benefits of a broader range of soft skills topics. For this reason we offer a broad and growing range of HR training software.

From a safety perspective, our topics cover the psychological risks in the workplace but we go much further into a range of business skills, social media, change management, interpersonal skills and leadership. And our range of HR training software continues to increase as we add new titles on an on-going basis. Our HR training software is available online, in physical formats as an aid to trainers, in PC based libraries or as full-blown e learning. On our online formats we try to replicate the instructor led experience so we aim for very high impact digital video scenarios, all filmed in real workplaces.

We also offer a customization LMS platform, fully loaded with our film materials, so you can easily develop your own online HR training software, incorporating your own material in almost any media format, including your own films. Call us to discuss the full range and avail of our experience to come up with the best fit for your organization. Click here for our current lists of standard materials – out of these you can build many more HR training software titles yourself.Take the tour here


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