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Soft Skills Training Modules

We started with training for hard, measurable, risk assessable hazards. But it very soon became clear safety can not be adequately managed in this way. No matter how much or how well you train people to avoid risk, it still comes down in large part to a behavioral science. That is why we have over the years developed a large range of soft skills training modules and continue to add to that list.

Our soft skills training modules deal with behavioral safety in all its forms – attitude to risk, caring for oneself and for one’s fellow workers, leadership, workplace behaviors which cause accidents like slips trips & falls.

We also carry a range of soft skills training modules which have little to do with safety but have everything to do with our well being both at work at elsewhere. Titles cover well being, bullying and harassment, change management, dealing with difficult people, care of the aged and disadvantaged and lots more.

We continue to actively develop this area and have launched 2 new soft skills training modules already in 2016 which deal comprehensively with stress management – in the workplace and outside it.

We offer a variety of platforms for soft skills training modules, from tools for instructor led training to e learning and a blend between the two. We also offer you the option to develop or customize your own, specific to your organization, and allow you to use as much or as little of our tools, blended with your own to achieve 100% fit for your organization. Call us to discuss options. See our list of standard titles here. Take the tour here


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